Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Under a month to go...

So it's officially under a month to go, until I will be jumping on a plane to Australia, and I can't wait.

This time around, I feel like travelling is going to be a completely different experience. I am planning on being a photographer, a surfer, trying out paddle boarding, jumping on a bike and exploring... so many things to fit into three weeks...

Here are my lists so far (I thought I would pop them here as I keep forgetting things or losing my lists):


- Coastal walk
- Manley Beach
- Palm Beach
- Road Trip
- Surf School
- Paddle Boarding
- Gordon's Bay dive
- St George's Open Air Cinema
- Horse Racing
- New Year in the Harbour on a Boat
- Test Match at the Ashes


Now this is somewhere I haven't yet been to in Australia, and I am reliably informed that I am going to love it.  So the last few days I have been investigating and seeing why everyone is so enthusiastic about me loving this place so much - I think that they are going to be right.

The city looks like it is packed full of culture and art - something which I really missed when I was in Syndey.  Everything just seemed so shiny and new there.

So here is my bucket list for Melbourne:

- Cricket Stadium Tour
- Climb to the top of the stadium
- Kite surfing
- Penguins at night (if I am there at the right time of year)
- Neighbours Tour
- Surfing lesson
- Hire a bike and get lost
- Visit my nan's best friend's Wal and Marylin
- Lane way
- Coops Shot Tower
- Luna Park

If you have any other suggestions send them my way - I want to cram in as much as I can while I am there and if you can suggest something which equals an amazing tan, I will love the suggestion all the more.

That's all from me for now, I have to go book some lounge passes for our 5 hour stop over in China... wish me luck!

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